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Life on Board

A Typical Day on a Caribbean Windjammer Cruise

You wake each day of your sailing vacation to the gentle sounds of water lapping against the hull, sea birds looking for their morning meal, and the gentle sway of the ship at anchor. Your day starts with a wonderful breakfast served on the main deck at your leisure. With fresh brewed coffee, fruits, breads, and any combination from waffles to cereal, you’ll find something to start your day off right! After a relaxing start, we begin the day’s sail. Typically the ship sails from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. The day is your time to relax, take a cat-nap, read a good book, listen to the captain tell sea stories, or help sail the ship.

On your Caribbean sailing vacation aboard the Liberty Clipper, you have the opportunity to explore the tall ship and join in the sailing alongside our crew if you choose to. You may head forward to find dolphins swimming under the bowsprit. Back aft, the captain and crew show you how to tend sails and let you take a turn at the wheel while the power and mystique of a traditional gaff rigged schooner extends before you. Blazing white canvas billows above your head, and the stiff breeze draws the ship forward to her next port of call where once again you sleep soundly as the soft waves lap against the hull.

On our Caribbean windjammer sailing cruises, you may find that just relaxing on the main deck is how you’d prefer to spend your afternoon – that’s fine! Pick anyplace you like and make yourself at home.

While not required, you are always invited to get involved with the sailing of the Windjammer Liberty Clipper. Our professional crew help you plot our course on a nautical chart. We’re here for your enjoyment, so just let us know how we can make your tall ship cruise more enjoyable!

Once we’ve anchored for the afternoon, you have access to the world’s largest swimming pool! Feel free to jump in – cannonball or dive, your choice! We have a ladder available for you to get back aboard. Our crew is also on hand to assist you if you need anything – we are here to help!

You also have the opportunity to head ashore each day of your tall ship cruise. Uou may find yourself on a tropical beach, exploring an historic fort, or touring in our kayaks. Each day presents unique opportunities for you to discover local culture and wildlife. Windjammer cruises on the Liberty Clipper provide you opportunities to truly explore off-the-beaten path locations like you’d never imagined.

In the evenings, you enjoy fine homemade meals prepared by our cook. You can relax aboard the ship, or stay ashore a little longer. Sunsets on the water are always amazing and we have the perfect spot for you to enjoy it! When it’s time to turn in for the evening, your comfortable cabin awaits.