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Plymouth 400

Rescheduled for Summer 2021

Come Sail with Us!

The Liberty Clipper and Liberty Star are headed to Plymouth, MA, to participate in this summer’s Plymouth 400 event, commemorating the landing of the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock in 1620.

Sail aboard either the Liberty Clipper or Liberty Star as we sail to and from Plymouth for some incredible New England coastal sailing! Crowds and traffic are expected to be crazy, so beat the crowds and stay off the roads by sailing with us.

Liberty Fleet will also be offering a public fireworks cruise on Saturday night, June 27, as well as public boarding tours throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day.

Liberty Fleet will not be offering overnight accommodations for guests that sail to Plymouth 400 or attend the fireworks cruise, so accommodations in and around Plymouth, MA, will have to be made.

Click here for more information about Plymouth 400, including a schedule of the events.

Plymouth 400

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Sail to Plymouth 400 from Boston

Sail aboard the Liberty Clipper or Liberty Star as we leave Boston for the weekend and sail down the coast to Plymouth 400.

$75/person with cash bar available.

This is a one-way trip.

Saturday Public Fireworks Cruise

As part of the Plymouth 400 celebration, the city of Plymouth will be having a fireworks display on Saturday night. We can’t think of a better way of avoiding the crowds on shore than being aboard the Liberty Clipper or Liberty Star!

$100/person with cash bar available

Sail to Boston from Plymouth 400

Sail back to Boston aboard Liberty Clipper or Liberty Star after the Plymouth 400 celebration. We anticipate this sail to take 5 – 6 hours.

$75/person with cash bar available.

This is a one-way trip.