Rum & Revelry Sail 2018

Event Sail: A Rum Tasting at Sea!

Sing sea shanties and enjoy rum drinks on our Rum and Revelry sail in Boston Harbor.

Join the Liberty Clipper on Saturday evenings for our "after hours" Rum and Revelry sail! You'll enjoy the sparkling lights of the Boston skyline while being regaled with traditional songs of the sea performed by professional actors on board our flagship schooner.  Haul up the sails to a sea shanty and experience the sounds of times gone by as you sail on our grand tall ship.

Visit our bar to pick up our signature drink and the sailor's favorite - a Dark 'n' Stormy! - featuring Gosling's dark rum, ginger beer, and a twist of lime.  You'll also have the chance to sample several other varieties of rum and port selections in a free rum tasting! 

We'll bring the Caribbean to you, but unfortunately can't promise you Captain Jack Sparrow.  

Sing along to the music while sailing Boston Harbor on this exciting sail.

Enjoy a Selection of Rum Offerings at Sea:

Gosling's Dark Rum, Pusser's Royal Navy Rum, Madeira Wine & Port

Rum & Revelry Sail Times:

Liberty Clipper: 8:30 - 10:30 PM every SATURDAY EVENING from June 9, 2018 to September 15, 2018

During Boston HarborFest (a.k.a. July 4th Weekend), we will offer special Rum & Revelry Sails
**Please note: you must be 21 years of age or older to go on this sail.


Adults: $35



Watch a Boston Rum and Revelry Sail Video

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