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[small boat cruises - highlight the experiences of traveling with only 6 - 24 people as opposed to thousands]

Tall Ship Cruises

Liberty Clipper Full Sail

Experience a taste of times gone by aboard our authentic tall ships on our three to seven day cruises.  On board you'll have the opportunity to become part of the crew: hoist sails, coil lines, and even learn navigation from our experienced captains!  Or, sit back and relax on deck and let our professional crew take care of everything else.  We maintain a top-notch cook to ensure you are well fed throughout your adventure.  Come aboard and marvel at our magnificent schooners as you discover beautiful shorelines, incredible sunsets at sea, and a new place each day.


Sail with the Liberty Clipper

Sail our tall ship schooner Liberty Clipper

Wake in the morning to the sound of the sea lapping at the hull outside your cabin, cozily finished with comfortable beds and linens and paneled in warm yellow pine.  Up on deck you'll be greeted with the smell of fresh brewed coffee and our cook already whipping up the day's breakfast.  Enjoy offerings from continental style cereal and fresh fruit to full hot options such as eggs, waffles, and other favorites from our galley house.  Dine with your fellow passengers in the Liberty Clipper's comfortable grand salon, or find a spot in the sun on deck.


Take the helm on a tall ship cruise!  

Our 125-foot flagship, the schooner Liberty Clipper, is a replica of 18th century tall ships known as Baltimore Clippers, a class of ships once known for their speed.  Her wide beam provides a stable platform from which to experience your adventure, whether it be in New England, the Chesapeake Bay, or the beautiful Bahamas.

Relax beneath a white canopy of sails raising high above your head on these unique tall ship cruises - escape the crowds of your typical cruise ship and head to lesser-traveled destinations.  



Sail with the Liberty Star


If you're looking for an intimate experience akin to owning your own private sailing yacht, look no further than our delightful 67-foot Liberty Star.  A wooden-hulled gaff-rigged schooner, she carries only 6 passengers.  You'll be amazed at her nimble handling as she carries you on warm breezes to some of the most famous watering holes and historical sights on earth.  Haul away with your traveling companions and help the crew trim the sails before indulging in some ultimate 'relaxation time' on deck.

From the moment you step on board you'll begin to feel right at home - from the cozy cabins to the incredible meals whipped up by our experienced cook, the Liberty Star and her crew will take good care of you while taking you to new discoveries each day.

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Windjammer Cruises
Bahamas Sailing Vacation Cruises

Liberty Clipper Sails Billowing

Set sail aboard the SCHOONER LIBERTY CLIPPER for a Bahamas Windjammer Cruise! You'll be welcomed aboard by our expert crew who are there for your safety and enjoyment. From our qualified captains to our wonderful cooks, they are there to make your windjammer cruise fun and memorable.  Come explore the Out Islands such as Eleuthera and the Exumas as we island hop from day to day.  By design, our Windjammer Cruises have no set itinerary, which gives our captains the freedom to utilize the best wind and weather for the week, as well as input from you.   This means that every Bahamas sailing vacation is unique – the people and places are different, but the experience is always fun!


A Typical Day on a Bahamas Cruise...

Breakfast on board the Liberty ClipperYou will wake each day to the gentle sounds of water lapping against the hull, seabirds looking for their morning meal, and the gentle sway of the ship at anchor. Your day will start with a wonderful breakfast served in the grand salon at your leisure - or bring your meal up on the main deck to eat outside in the morning sun. With fresh brewed coffee, fruits, breads, and any combination from waffles to cereal, you'll find something to start your day off right! We maintain an experienced tall ship cook aboard the ship to provide home-cooked meals daily, and each trip features a weekly signature dish. The Liberty Clipper is renowned for her great fare and guests will never leave hungry.


Learn how to sail our flagship Liberty Clipper on your Windjammer Cruise!After a relaxing start, we will begin the day's sail. Typically the ship will sail from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, depending on our destination. The day is your time to relax; take a cat-nap, read a good book, listen to the captain tell sea stories, or even help sail the ship! Aboard the Liberty Clipper, you will have the opportunity to explore the ship and join in the sailing alongside our crew if you choose. You may head forward to find dolphins wimming under the bow, or, back aft, the captain and crew will show you how to tend the sails and let you take a turn at the wheel while the power and mystique of a traditional gaff-rigged schooner extends before you. Bright white canvas sails will billow above your head, and the stiff breeze will draw the ship forward to her next destination.


Relax on Deck2 Dophins in the WakeYou may find that just relaxing on the main deck is how you'd prefer to spend your afternoon - and that's just fine! Pick any place you like and make yourself at home. While not required, you are always invited to get involved with the sailing of the Liberty Clipper. Our professional crew will help you plot our course on a nautical chart. We're here for your enjoyment, so just let us know how we can make your trip more enjoyable!


Bahamas beach timeOnce we've anchored for the afternoon, you have access to the world's largest swimming pool! Feel free to jump in - we can even set up swings off the rigging. We have a ladder available for you to get back aboard, and our crew will be on hand to assist you. You'll also have the opportunity to head ashore each day. Depending upon the destination, you may find yourself on a tropical beach, exploring an historic fort, or touring in our kayaks. Each day will present unique opportunities for you to discover local culture and wildlife. A cruise on the Liberty Clipper provides you the opportuonity to truly explore off-the-beaten path locations like you've never imagined.


Explore in KayaksStingrayBahamas Beaches


In the evening you'll once again enjoy an incredible meal prepared by our cook as you exchange stories about the adventures you've just had and look forward to tomorrow. Watch the brilliant sunset - if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the green flash as the sun sinks into the sea. Depending on the itinerary, we may have the opportunity to do some sailing under the stars, or even enjoy a bonfire on the beach. When it's time to turn in for the evening, your comfortable cabin awaits...

Bahamas Sunsets      



Bahamas Destinations

The Exumas

Visit the Blow Holes on the Exumas Land and Sea Park on your Bahamas Windjammer Cruise!The Exumas are an archipelago of 365 cays and islands, beginning just 35 miles southeast of Nassau. They are an exotic collection of tiny jewels set in the most beautiful aquamarine and sapphire water you have ever imagined. Great Exuma Island, together with the Exuma Cays, offers an amazing variety of possibilities for all water sports. Hidden coves, bays, and harbors are magnets for yachts and sport fishermen.

Explore Warderick Wells on your Bahamas Windjammer CruiseMany of the unnamed beaches and coves of the islands, including extensive offshore reef areas, are included in the protected Exuma National Land and Sea Park of the Bahamas National Trust. Some of the islands with permanent residents and resorts include Staniel Cay (home of the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, a fixture in the Exumas), Fowl Cay, Musha Cay and Iguana Cay. Thunderball Grotto, located just a few hundred yards off Staniel Cay, is one location where the James Bond film Thunderball was filmed. Sandy Cay, just a short boat ride from Little Exuma was the location used for filming the Pirates of the Caribbean beach scenes! 




Visit Eleuthera on your Bahamas Windjammer Cruise!Eleuthera’s many beaches are considered among the best in the Bahamas One of the Bahamas “Out Islands”, it is 110 miles long north to south and just a few miles wide. Charming visitors with its endless white beaches, colonial villages, and pineapple fields, the island faces the Atlantic Ocean on its east side and the Great Bahama Bank on the west.

Discover Gregory Town and other townships on the island of Eleuthera on your Bahamas Windjammer Cruise! Eleuthera started as a coral reef, but unlike many of the islands, its terrain is quite hilly, with some hills as high as 100 feet! The shoreline varies from pink sand beaches to large coral outcroppings extending into azure waters. Much less developed than Nassau, Freeport, or the Abacos, Eleuthera is like an island lost in time. Life moves at a slower pace here, with only 8,000 inhabitants, and a focus on vacationing.


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