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Small Boat Cruises

[small boat cruises - highlight the experiences of traveling with only 6 - 24 people as opposed to thousands]

Tall Ship Cruises

Liberty Clipper Full Sail

Experience a taste of times gone by aboard our authentic tall ships on our three to seven day cruises.  On board you'll have the opportunity to become part of the crew: hoist sails, coil lines, and even learn navigation from our experienced captains!  Or, sit back and relax on deck and let our professional crew take care of everything else.  We maintain a top-notch cook to ensure you are well fed throughout your adventure.  Come aboard and marvel at our magnificent schooners as you discover beautiful shorelines, incredible sunsets at sea, and a new place each day.


Sail with the Liberty Clipper

Sail our tall ship schooner Liberty Clipper

Wake in the morning to the sound of the sea lapping at the hull outside your cabin, cozily finished with comfortable beds and linens and paneled in warm yellow pine.  Up on deck you'll be greeted with the smell of fresh brewed coffee and our cook already whipping up the day's breakfast.  Enjoy offerings from continental style cereal and fresh fruit to full hot options such as eggs, waffles, and other favorites from our galley house.  Dine with your fellow passengers in the Liberty Clipper's comfortable grand salon, or find a spot in the sun on deck.


Take the helm on a tall ship cruise!  

Our 125-foot flagship, the schooner Liberty Clipper, is a replica of 18th century tall ships known as Baltimore Clippers, a class of ships once known for their speed.  Her wide beam provides a stable platform from which to experience your adventure, whether it be in New England, the Chesapeake Bay, or the beautiful Bahamas.

Relax beneath a white canopy of sails raising high above your head on these unique tall ship cruises - escape the crowds of your typical cruise ship and head to lesser-traveled destinations.  



Sail with the Liberty Star


If you're looking for an intimate experience akin to owning your own private sailing yacht, look no further than our delightful 67-foot Liberty Star.  A wooden-hulled gaff-rigged schooner, she carries only 6 passengers as she sails the exquisite Virgin Islands.  You'll be amazed at her nimble handling as she carries you on warm breezes to some of the most famous watering holes and historical sights on earth.  Haul away with your traveling companions and help the crew trim the sails before indulging in some ultimate 'relaxation time' on deck.

From the moment you step on board you'll begin to feel right at home - from the cozy cabins to the incredible meals whipped up by our experienced cook, the Liberty Star and her crew will take good care of you while taking you to new discoveries each day.

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Virgin Islands Windjammer Cruises

Virgin Islands Sailing Vacation Cruises

Virgin Islands Windjammer Liberty StarJoin us aboard the LIBERTY STAR for a Virgin Islands Windjammer cruise where you'll discover secret parts of the US and British Virgin Islands from our sailing ship. Each day, we will set sail for a new destination and a new adventure. Join us for a week of island hopping from fantastic beaches to famous watering holes and historic ports that can only be found sailing in the Virgin Islands!


Relax On your BVI Windjammer CruiseThe appeal of the Virgin Islands lies in the amazing combination of wonderful sailing, warm and beautiful waters and an abundance of shoreside activities and bars that are never far apart. Unplug in the Virgin Islands and leave the worries of your world behind in this sailor's paradise. When you leave this vacation, you'll have the right mix of activities, fun and relaxation so that you can go back to life refreshed and recharged and not needing a "vacation from vacation."

Besides goats and hermit crabs there are also beach bars on every island. There will be plenty of opportunity to go a shore and enjoy live music, beach BBQ's, and a different rum drink at every watering hole.

From sailing the ship to exploring pink sand beaches to napping on deck, you’ll never be bored during your trip. Since we take each day as it comes, we are open to your suggestions. If there is a place or activity that you are especially looking forward to, you can always feel free to let our captain and crew know!

In the meantime, check out some of the great activities available at your fingertips while sailing on your Virgin Islands Windjammer Cruise:


Water Activities

The Virgin Islands offers some of the best snorkeling spots anywhere!The LIBERTY STAR carries several water toys with her wherever she goes, and you are more than welcome to help yourself!

  • Kayaking
  • - get out on your own and explore beautiful coves and beaches at your own pace.
  • Snorkeling
  • - the Virgin Islands are home to exquisite coral reefs and amazing shipwrecks. Get up close and personal and discover a whole new world!

Relax on a Virgin Islands Sailing Cruise

Rest & Relaxation

Just looking for ultimate relaxation? The LIBERTY STAR has you covered.

  • Relax on deck and unwind with a book
  • Lay out on deck in the sunshine
  • Visit the ships bar and enjoy a libation
  • Aft deck seating - great for enjoying a drink as the sun sets!

Island Time

Discover fantastic hideaways and incredible beach bars on a Virgin Islands Windjammer Cruise!One of the biggest draws of the Virgin Islands is its plethora of vibrant ports and seaside towns. You'll have the chance to experience a new place each day, along with some world-famous watering holes!

  • Walk along pink-sand beaches, or just relax in the sun on shore
  • Try a new rum drink at different beach bars
  • Hike ruins and explore historical landmarks
  • Nature walks

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