Where do we begin to tell you what a wonderful adventure you have given us? We set sail on December 2, Don's 60th birthday from St. Thomas on the Liberty Star. Perfect weather, a perfect start to the 7th decade. Thank you for introducing us to schooner life aboard the Liberty Star, to hoisting sails, coiling the sheets and halyards, knot tying; to your favorite snorkeling spots, beaches, bars, the glass blowing and Caldwell distillery in Cane Garden Bay, and the adventure of Captain Long Jon Anchor Gone Wrong, off of Sailor's Rest.
        You have each in your own way, with your own unique talents, skills, and passions, enriched our experience. Together you form an integral team and have, this week, welcomed us into your sea faring family in the Caribbean. 
         We hope that our paths will cross again and, in the interior, encourage you to fulfill your dreams. 
         You are all awesome! Thank you for the wonderful memories.
Signed Carol B & Don P