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Schooner Maintenance, some fishy lunch aboard the high seas and a changing of the season!

Schooner Maintenance, some fishy lunch aboard the high seas and a changing of the season!


     While winter temperatures are coming (I saw snow on Sunday....), our two girls are nice and warm down South! The Liberty Star had a couple of upgrades put in, and is now sailing through the Bahamas, on her way to the BVI's and her first cruise of the year! These guys even had time to catch lunch yesterday....

Catching dinner while sailing on a tall ship


(From Left to Right: Erin, John, Clint and Seth)


That there is a good looking Kingfish, but since they don't have wonderful Jan on board to prepare it, I fear for what might come of it! (Fish sandwiches?). 

On a side note, it seems Capt. Jon is somewhat of a regular Doctor Doolittle:

Shipyard and a bird visiting Liberty Star

Anyways, while the Schooner Liberty Star makes her way down to her cruising grounds. The Schooner Liberty Clipper is in Key West receiving some upgrades of her own! This year she already has TWO new en-suite cabins, which is a huge change from the 4 years we've had her. Captain Ron is busy tearing up things to add a THIRD en-suite. Along with that, check out some of the progress we've made!


Have you ever seen a chain locker that clean! We were thinking of adding another en-suite cabin to it....

While the work party really never ends, we do have to leave Key West at some point in order to make our first Thanksgiving Cruise! The first week is really exciting for everyone here, for the crew, it marks a change from the day sails in Boston Harbor, the sights and hard sailing of our Atlantic Transit, to the hard work of the yard. The first week is such a breath of fresh air to everyone involved, from that first swim call, to falling asleep at anchor in Rainbow Key. Everyone is going to enjoy it, and that enthusiasm flows over to our guests! 

Thanks to the crew for all their efforts, and we can't wait to start the Caribbean season on our Windjammers!


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67 Long Wharf, Boston, MA 02110, USA
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