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It's that time of the season.....

It's that time of the season.....

With the leaves changing at our home office in Boston, it not only signifies the change in seasons from Summer to Fall, but the start of our transit down South and the beginning of our Bahamas and BVI’s Windjammer Cruise season! I had the wonderful opportunity to sail aboard as a deckhand last season. It’s really not just the fact that you are down in the Bahamas that makes it great, but the people you meet. There are several trips I think were my favorite, but the Junkanoo New Years trip really stands out. We had such a diverse and incredible group of people, all who shared the same interest…They wanted to LIVE FREE! While it only lasted a week, from waking up on the fore deck and seeing the beautiful sunrise over Rainbow Key, to paddle boarding out into the sunset. I’ll never forget that trip.

One other trip really stuck out in my mind, and that was when we had Dusty & Nicky aboard in February. They have traveled all over the world, and are renowned bloggers. I always say it’s hard to explain what you will experience in your week down in the islands with us, so I’ll let them tell you:

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