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Great crew and food aboard Tall Ship Windjammer in the British Virgin Islands

Great crew and food aboard Tall Ship Windjammer in the British Virgin Islands

Three sailors loved tall ships and knew so much about such ships and about sailing. Even young Scott at only 19 years had lots of sailing experience and was a certified life guard. ALL FOUR went out of their way to be nice and friendly and helpful. Simply OUTSTANDING!! We were very lucky to have four other fun and pleasant co-passengers, especially two of them. So we all did all we could to contribute to the greatest atmosphere and we laughed a lot and got along beautifully all week while enjoying the laid back atmosphere of the BVI's

The food was great! for instance, she prepared for me fried egg plant and fried, seasoned tofu instead of pork roast and other meat entrees. As in most other cases  in restaurants (and stores) in the US, whole grain, healthy choices were scarce. However, Tia's salads were great, including raw cabbage, lettuce, beans, etc. I am extremely impressed by what Tia succeeded to make and bake in that small galley. Her organizational talents were immense, I cannot even imagine how she managed to store and find the ingredients.


Claus & Wenche B. 

Location (Map)

St. Thomas 00802, USVI
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