Good afternoon from the Virgin Islands. Good afternoon is the proper way to greet locals in this region and if you hear it, the proper response is just to say, "Okay". The local culture is certainly always a highlight of these sailing adventures. We were able to surprise our guests this week with attending the Full Moon party at Trellis Bay, Beef Island.
(Full Moon Party)
Full of rich culture and local artwork, this place is a microcosm of the island culture. Being able to sail all around these islands on a traditional schooner brings us even closer to this feeling of being part of the local culture as tall ships in the days of yore called these islands, "the stop on the way to everywhere", as they were a pinnacle stopping point throughout all the trade routes for the Spanish, English, Dutch, and French.
This week was, as always, filled with great weather, beautiful sailing with great winds, and the necessary swim calls and snorkeling spots! 
See you next week,
Captain Jon Cook
Schooner Liberty Star
Liberty Fleet of Tallships