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A relaxing Windjammer barefoot Cruise in the Bahamas

A relaxing Windjammer barefoot Cruise in the Bahamas

What is Luxury?  It means many things to many people.  For us, a week in the Bahamas aboard the Liberty Clipper has been luxury!  To disconnect from a past paced life and reconnect with "life at sea" is a gift.  Sailing, true sailing, on Liberty Clipper allows us to feel the rhythms Mother Nature has so long played.  Snorkeling and swimming right off the ship gives us sweet glimpses of the beauties she offers for us who are lucky enough to enjoy them.  Mere humans are we!

Enough waxing like the moon-Pancho and I thank the great crew for taking good care of us and for being interested in the craft of tall ship sailing.  It is an admirable passion.  Thanks to Jan for providing fine meals from a small galley.

We loved having only 6 passengers and were lucky that we all got along well with much laughter and camaraderie.

We have been windjammer barefoot cruise people in the past, having sailed on the Yankee Clipper, the Polynesia and the Legacy.  They were lots of fun with lots of activities.  I liked this week aboard the Liberty Clipper because we did not have all that- so simple, so relaxing, so often quiet (except for Maggies giggles-so sweet)-so back to what's real.

Thank You all,

Peace, Penny, and Pancho

Spokane, WA

Location (Map)

Nassau, The Bahamas
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