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A 50th Birthday aboard a Bahamas Tall Ship celebration that was out of this world!

A 50th Birthday aboard a Bahamas Tall Ship celebration that was out of this world!

Going back through my thoughts of what I could imagine a Tall Ship Windjammer Cruise would be was nothing like it was. From the moment we came on board till our final dinner together tonight. Everything has been such a wonderful, dream like feeling of relaxing. I did do snorkeling- Think it's not meant for a farm girl to try and drown herself! But the beaches was the most beautiful thing in the world.....Club Med beach was indescribable in words or pictures-Beautiful sand & water. Governers Bay was so nice, no pressure and a lot of supplies.

The crew aboard the Clipper was excellent. Jan the cook-Always had a wonderful smile (no wonder she has the best job). Feeding all of us. 

  • Sean- was quiet but great! Always there when you needed something.
  • Derek- Very kind and sweet, had lots of fun at the Club Med with him & crew
  • Amanda- Always smiling and laughing
  • Maggie- Great voice! Very entertaining
  • Tom H- Aaahh my bartender! Dark & Stormy's every day! Lots of fun and always up for a laugh
  • Captain Chris-Awesome, always found us the best beaches and small coves

As I planned my 50th Birthday I never could have imagined how much fun I was going to have, had the best time of my life and I think no family problems either! Great new friends, hope to see again in travels around the world.

God Bless, Happy Holidays

May the wind always stay in your sails,

Tina M

Location (Map)

Nassau, The Bahamas
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