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First sailing vacation in the BVI's aboard a classic tall ship!

First sailing vacation in the BVI's aboard a classic tall ship!

For my first sailing experience on a tall ship in the BVI's it was incredible. The Liberty Star was just a good enough size for Josh and I to feel included if needed with the crew, or feel like we were on the boat all by ourselves. It helped that we were the only ones sailing this trip, but I am sure if the boat was full, it would still feel the same. The entire crew were phenomenal. The captain gave us tons of options for us to do each day and never pressured us into one thing or another. Carlos was very well informed in terms of sailing and was so calm and gentle with the crew that it made the sailing more enjoyable. Even the other crew mentioned that Carlos was one of the best Captains that they have sailed under because of his demeanor.


          Tia, who cooked for us was awesome as well. Not only was her food amazing but talking to her and experiencing some of the excursions with her were just as awesome. She always had a smile  on her face and took extra care of us. She was willing to change up the meals to meet our varied palates and never complained about doing so either. She is an amazing woman and has done some extraordinary things. She supplies lots of laughs but also some down home comfort when needed!! She is a keeper.

          Scott the deckhand..or dinghy captain as I liked to call him had to be the most entertaining person on the ship. Granted he is a young kid, but his knowledge of sailing exceeded his age. He knew so much about it and was always willing to teach us about sailing ,that it made the trip so much more enjoyable. He was hilarious and was never afraid to laugh at himself. He was the one we spent the most time with, as he was in charge of taking us to shore all the time...and he made those trips exciting. He was a complete and utter gentleman, and would help us when ever we needed anything. A lot of nights, he was our main entertainment...and he never let us down. For being a 19 year old on a ship in the Caribbean, he never once let his professionalism slip. And that amazed me. He definitely made me smile...ALOT!

        The entire crew were amazing and I think that helped make the trip so much more enjoyable. They allowed Josh and I our space when we wanted it, and came and talked to us when we got tired of each other :). It was definitely worth every penny and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!! 

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