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Rum and Revolution | Boston Harbor Night Sail

Taste the Drinks that Stirred the Revolution!

Boston Rum and Revolution Schooner Sail

Rum & Revolution (21+)

Sail Boston Harbor at night and enjoy live entertainment on a tall ship! Sail Boston's Tall Ships for Rum and Revolution and have fun on the harbor! Actors in period dress with play their fiddles or hornpipes as you sing and dance to sea chanties.  Our bar will be stocked with Madeira, Port, Grog and the sailors favorite, the Dark 'n Stormy. (Of course, we do still have beer, wine and mixed drinks).

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Price: $35
Time: 8:30pm

Sail back in time as hilarious characters in colonial dress tell you the amazing story of how Rum helped to start the Revolution. They will have you singing sea shanties and dancing to the sailor’s hornpipe on the main deck with their fiddles and concertinas!


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July 27th - Black Tot Day!    

July 27th - Black Tot Day Special Event: Come witness a Sea Burial of rum with full military honors! The saddest day for many old salts and hardy sailors was the unexpected burial of a true sailor's friend who gave encouragement through times of war and peace and was always there to be enjoyed and shared with friends... twice a day - their Rum Ration! After a 300 year history of a twice daily serving, the last pour was give on July 31st, 1970. On the anniversay of that sad day, sailors around the world reenact that "Black Tot Day" with mock funeral and sea burial of a bottle of rum. Here on the LIBERTY CLIPPER, we will be laying to rest a bottle of the Blackest Tot - Goslings Old Rum (just 18 years old!) with full honors (although rumor has it that a little string will bring about a miracuous resurrection so we can consume the sucker!!). This event will attract many singers and lovers of naval history and, of course, grog! Prepare for a rousing chorus of Shanty singers and musicians of all sorts!

Boston Rum and Revolution Sail                 Boston Rum and Revolution Music Sail

In addition to our full bar, we will have Revolutionary Rum and Wine drinks available for sale, including: 

  • Dark & Stormy
  • Royal Navy Rum (Grog)
  • Port
  • Madeira

The LIBERTY CLIPPER is a 125-foot gaff-rigged schooner designed after early American privateers. There is a cash-only bar available on the ship with beer, wine & mixed-drinks ($5 - $8) for 21+; sodas, bottled water and snacks are also available. Only on our Rum & Revolution sails do we also offer Revolutionary drinks such as Royal Navy Rum, Port and Madeira. There are multiple bathrooms aboard for your comfort.
You may also enjoy staying aboard the LIBERTY CLIPPER on our "Boat and Breakfast." You'll stay in one of our comfortable cabins in downtown Boston! This is the perfect way to add to your sailing experience.

Boston Rum and Revolution

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