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Boston Tea Party Reenactment Sails

Sail Boston Harbor on a Tall Ship and Discover the Tea Party

Boston Tea Party Sail

Boston Tea Party Re-enactment Sails

Come aboard LIBERTY CLIPPER, named after John Hancock's ship to discover the Boston Tea Party as we sail through Boston Harbor. You'll be welcomed aboard by a professional reenactor dressed in period attire as we prepare to hoist sail. On our Boston Tea Party Sail, we will host a town hall meeting, fire the ship's cannon and toss the tea into the sea! You'll also have the opportunity to help set the sails and even take a turn at the helm with our Captain!

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Price: $35 / $24 (children)
Time: 12pm

The Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships & The Freedom Trail Players invite you to join John Hancock and his Privateers as we raid British Warships in Boston Harbor. We'll sail aboard the Tall Ship Liberty Clipper (named for John Hancock's ship), join with the crew and help set the sails, hear the protest of Sam Adams and decide whether you'll help them throw the chests of tea overboard. Lots of interactive fun for families. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Boston Harbor under the sails of Boston's Tall Ship.



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