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Liberty Clipper On Deck

Looking down

The Tall Ship Liberty Clipper features a spacious open deck with lots of room to relax!  At 125-feet long, 118-feet tall and with a total beam (width) of 27-feet she's the stately flagship of the Liberty Fleet.  With just 24 guests and crew aboard, you can always find a quiet place to yourself; even if that's 100-feet up in the rigging...

Vessel Line Drawing

The bow is always a favorite place to relax...

On our Bahamas Windjammer Cruises, you'll love hanging out on the bow of our ship!  At anchor, it's peaceful and scerene and while underway, it can be exhilerating; you might even glimpse dolphins dancing under the bows.


Enjoy the main deck...

Enjoy the Liberty Clipper, you'll be able to relax, have fun, stretch out, steer, or otherwise entertain yourself!

Enjoy the windjammer at night...

From the deck of our Windjammer Liberty Clipper, you'll be able to relax in the evenings, enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and the wonderful company of your fellow guests.