Bahamas Windjammer Cruises

You can be this happy on a Bahamas Windjammer Cruise!

Bahamas Cruise Info
Ship Liberty Clipper
Port Nassau, Bahamas
Schedule Sunday - Saturday
Season November - May
Age Requirement   10 and older
Max Passengers 24

Set sail aboard the SCHOONER LIBERTY CLIPPER for a Bahamas Windjammer Cruise!  Come explore the Out Islands such as Eleuthera and the Exumas as we island hop from day to day. You'll be welcomed aboard by our expert crew who are there for your safety and enjoyment. From our qualified Captains to our wonderful cooks, they are there to make your windjammer cruise fun and memorable.



The pace is up to you – relax and unwind, or choose a more adventurous cruise and help hoist the sails, take a turn at the helm and even navigate with our captain!  Come explore what a Bahamas sailing vacation has to offer on a Bahamas Windjammer Cruise.

Bahamas Windjammer Cruise Overview

clipper1Set sail for new horizons on a Caribbean barefoot cruise in the Bahamas.  On our 125-foot SCHOONER LIBERTY CLIPPER you'll explore the Out Islands of The Bahamas from our majestic windjammer.  You'll be welcomed aboard by our expert crew who are there for your safety and enjoyment. From our qualified Captains to our wonderful cooks, they are there to make your windjammer cruise fun and memorable.  You can choose to get involved with the sailing of the ship by taking the helm or hoisting the sails, or just relax and watch that watery part of the world float by as we visit The Bahamas Out Islands on a Caribbean Windjammer Cruise.


A Week Aboard A Bahamas Sailing Vacation...

  Credit: Read the Two for the Road blog about the Liberty Clipper by Nik & Dusty Greene


A Typical Day on a Bahamas Windjammer Cruise...

You will wake each day of your sailing vacation to the gentle sounds of water lapping against the hull, sea birds looking for their morning meal and the gentle sway of the ship at anchor. Your day will start with a wonderful breakfast served on the main deck at your leisure. With fresh brewed coffee, fruits, breads and any combination from waffles to cereal, you'll find something to start your day off right! After a relaxing start, we will begin the day's sail. Typically the ship will sail from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. The day is your time to relax, take a cat-nap, read a good book, listen to the Captain tell sea stories or help sail the ship.

Breakfast on a Caribbean Windjammer
Sunrise on a Windjammer
Morning Sail

On your Bahamas sailing vacation aboard the Liberty Clipper, you will have the opportunity to explore the tall ship and join in the sailing alongside our crew if you choose to. You may head forward to find dolphins swimming under the bowsprit. Back aft, the captain and crew will show you how to tend sails and let you take a turn at the wheel while the power and mystique of a traditional gaff rigged schooner extends before you. Blazing white canvas will billow above your head, and the stiff breeze will draw the ship forward to her next port of call where once again you will sleep soundly as the soft waves lap against the hull.

Dophins in the Wake
Sails Billowing
Relax on Deck

On our windjammer sailing cruises, you may find that just relaxing on the main deck is how you'd prefer to spend your afternoon - that's fine! Pick anyplace you like and make yourself at home.

While not required, you are always invited to get involved with the sailing of the Windjammer Liberty Clipper. Our professional crew will help you plot our course on a nautical chart. We're here for your enjoyment, so just let us know how we can make your tall ship cruise more enjoyable!

Once we've anchored for the afternoon, you have access to the world's largest swimming pool! Feel free to jump in - cannonball or dive, your choice! We have a ladder available for you to get back aboard. Our crew will also be on hand to assist you if you need anything - we are here to help!

You will also have the opportunity to head ashore each day of your tall ship cruise. Depending upon which of our windjammer cruises you select, you may find yourself on a tropical beach, exploring an historic fort or touring in our kayaks. Each day will present unique opportunities for you to discover local culture and wildlife. Windjammer cruises on the Liberty Clipper provide you opportunities to truly explore off-the-beaten path locations like you'd never imagined...

In the evenings, you will enjoy fine homemade meals prepared by our Chef. You can relax aboard the ship, or stay ashore a little longer, again depending upon the itinerary of your cruise. Sunsets on the water are always amazing... When it's time to turn in for the evening, your comfortable cabin awaits...

Come aboard for a Bahamas Windjammer Cruise!

Bahamas Windjammer Cruise Blog


By design, our Windjammer Cruises have no set itinerary, which gives our captains the freedom to utilize the best wind and weather for the week, as well as input from you! This means that every Bahamas sailing vacation is unique – the people and places are different, but the experience is always fun!

Check out some of the places we may visit on your trip below!


The Exumas

Exumas BlowHolesThe Exumas are an archipelago of 365 cays and islands, beginning just 35 miles southeast of Nassau. They are an exotic collection of tiny jewels set in the most beautiful aquamarine and sapphire water you have ever imagined. Great Exuma Island, together with the Exuma Cays, offers an amazing variety of possibilities for all water sports. Hidden coves, bays, and harbors are magnets for yachts and sport fishermen.

Exumas WardrickWellsMany of the unnamed beaches and coves of the islands, including extensive offshore reef areas, are included in the protected Exuma National Land and Sea Park of the Bahamas National Trust. Some of the islands with permanent residents and resorts include Staniel Cay (home of the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, a fixture in the Exumas), Fowl Cay, Musha Cay and Iguana Cay. Thunderball Grotto, located just a few hundred yards off Staniel Cay, is one location where the James Bond film Thunderball was filmed. Sandy Cay, just a short boat ride from Little Exuma was the location used for filming the Pirates of the Caribbean beach scenes! 




Eleuthera003Eleuthera’s many beaches are considered among the best in the Bahamas One of the Bahamas “Out Islands”, it is 110 miles long north to south and just a few miles wide. Charming visitors with its endless white beaches, colonial villages, and pineapple fields, the island faces the Atlantic Ocean on its east side and the Great Bahama Bank on the west.

Eleuthera GregoryTown Eleuthera started as a coral reef, but unlike many of the islands, its terrain is quite hilly, with some hills as high as 100 feet! The shoreline varies from pink sand beaches to large coral outcroppings extending into azure waters. Much less developed than Nassau, Freeport, or the Abacos, Eleuthera is like an island lost in time. Life moves at a slower pace here, with only 8,000 inhabitants, and a focus on vacationing.


Things to Do

From sailing the ship to exploring pink sand beaches to napping on deck, you’ll never be bored during your trip. Since we take each day as it comes, we are open to your suggestions. If there is a place or activity that you are especially looking forward to, you can always feel free to let our captain and crew know!

On Board Activities

Bahamas raising sail


Help sail the ship! You'll be taken care of by an experienced crew, but they are more than happy to have help and teach you the ropes.  Learn sail handling, how to coil lines, navigation, or even steer the ship!  All you have to do is ask - you can even volunteer to climb the rigging up the foremast!

Bahamas climbing rigging



If relaxing is more your pace, pull up a chair – or better yet, a hammock – and enjoy a nice nap or a good book. We have an on-board library, as well as games available for anyone to use.  You'll love being under way with beautiful ocean breezes on deck of our windjammer schooner Liberty Clipper.


Water Activities

No one can resist getting in and experiencing the warm waters of the Caribbean - luckily, we have you covered! Use any of our equipment on board at no extra cost, and get a closer view of the Bahamas from the water.

Bahamas snorkeling


The Bahamas are home to some of the most beautiful blue waters in the world.  It's a perfect place to get wet and as the waters are shallow, most places we visit are under ten-feet deep, so even without SCUBA tanks, you can see it all!



Bahamas kayaks


Explore the surrounding waters at your own pace utilizing our sit-on-top sea kayaks!  Check out coves, cays, and shorelines up close!




Bahamas dinghy 01

 Dinghy Sailing

If you want to get out on your own for a bit, our crew can teach you how to sail our dinghy, lovingly built by a Maine craftsman specifically for our windjammer cruises.




BAH paddleboarding

Do you have good balance?  Feel free to try out our full size paddle board and paddle yourself to that beach!




Island Activities

Each of the islands and towns we will visit are unique. In the Out Islands, you'll have plenty of options for new experiences:

  • Hiking & Nature walksBahamas001
  • Visiting island villages
  • Exploring caves
  • Enjoy a cold bear at a local watering hole
  • Bonfires at the beach
  • Explore an abandoned Club Med
  • Good old fashioned beach time!

Weather & Climate

BAH beach01

George Washington once referred to the Bahamas as the 'Isles of Perpetual June' which is an excellent description for a nation that averages over 340 sunny days per year, that's about a 93% chance of sunshine!

The Bahamas has a tropical maritime climate resulting in generally year-round good weather. Due to the immediate proximity of the ocean, the Bahamas does not experience extreme temperature fluctuation. In Nassau (where we board our cruises), winter temperatures seldom fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit and usually reaches about 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. In the summer, temps usually have a low of 78 degrees Fahrenheit or less at night and seldom rise above 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.


The Bahamas really only has two seasons:
Summer: May through October when rainfall is relatively higher
Winter: November through April when there is little rainfall and lower humidity

Rain in the Bahamas is typical of any island archipelago in that it tends to come in short-lived, intense rain showers accompanied by strong winds, and are quickly followed by clear skies! Relative humidity generally averages about 65%. The rainy season occurs in the summer from May through October with most of the precipitation occurring during brief summer showers. Winter is the dry season with better winds for sailing.

Hurricane season extends from the end of June through the end of November. The Liberty Clipper’s sailing schedule in the Bahamas is structured to avoid hurricane season.

Bahamas  Average Climate Data from Eleuthera Island

Month Air Temp °F Air Temp °C Water Temp °F Water Temp °C Wind Conditions Rain (in)
January 75 24 75 24 Calm to windy 1.9
February 77 25 77 25 Calm to windy 1.7
March 79 26 79 26 Calm to windy 1.5
April 82 28 82 28 Calm 2.2
May 88 31 88 31 Calm 4.6
June 90 32 90 32 Calm or pop-up showers 6.4
July 91 33 91 33 Calm or pop-up showers 5.9
August 91 33 91 33 Calm or pop-up showers 6.2
September 88 31 88 31 Calm or pop-up showers 6.1
October 86 30 86 30 Calm or pop-up showers 8.1
November 84 29 84 29 Calm to windy 2.4
December 79 26 81 27 Calm 1.3


Bahamas Sailing Schedule & Prices

All Bahamas sailing cruises board at 5:00 PM on the start date and disembark at 10:00 AM on the end date in NASSAU. On the boarding night, you'll be responsible for dinner ashore.  Prices below reflect the starting rate of per-person fare based on double occupancy and do not include tax or gratuity.  All cruises are subject to 5% port fee on the total price of the cruise.  Click here to see what is included in the cost of a cruise and for more information about upgrades and add-ons.  Call our office at 617-742-0333 with any questions or concerns.



Cruise Start Cruise End Embark/Disembark Ship Pricing Notes Book Now
Nov 29, 2015 Dec 05, 2015 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Dec 06, 2015 Dec 12, 2015 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Dec 13, 2015 Dec 19, 2015 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Dec 20, 2015 Dec 26, 2015 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,399 Christmas Cruise BOOK NOW
Dec 27, 2015 Jan 02, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,399 New Year's Cruise BOOK NOW
Jan 03, 2016 Jan 09, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Jan 10, 2016 Jan 16, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Jan 17, 2016 Jan 23, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 SOLD OUT
Jan 24, 2016 Jan 30, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Jan 31, 2016 Feb 06, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Feb 07, 2016 Feb 13, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Feb 14, 2016 Feb 20, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Feb 21, 2016 Feb 27, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Feb 28, 2016 Mar 05, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Mar 06, 2016 Mar 12, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Mar 13, 2016 Mar 19, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Mar 20, 2016 Mar 26, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Mar 27, 2016 Apr 02, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Apr 03, 2016 Apr 09, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Apr 10, 2016 Apr 16, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Apr 17, 2016 Apr 23, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
Apr 24, 2016 Apr 30, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
May 01, 2016 May 07, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW
May 08, 2016 May 14, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas Liberty Clipper $ 1,299 BOOK NOW

Bahamas Travel Information


Cruise Boarding / Disembarking

All cruises depart and return to NASSAU.

The LIBERTY CLIPPER is docked at Nassau Yacht Haven (see map).








Cruise Itinerary

Sunday: Boarding begins at 5:00 PM.

 - Board for your cruise on Sunday evening for the Captain's welcome and safety talk.  We depart late that evening or early Monday morning with the tide.
 - Dinner is not provided this evening, so you will need to go ashore.  We recommend the Poop Deck restaurant very close to our dock!
 - If you arrive early: you may drop off your bags at the ship AFTER 11:00 AM on Sunday.  Spend the day exploring Nassau - see some suggestions for what to do below!
 - If you arrive late: please call the ship's cell phone if you will be arriving after 8:00 PM.  This phone number will be provided to you in your pre-boarding email.  You may also call our stateside office in Boston at 617-742-0333 (we are open until 6 PM EST).

Monday - Friday:   Sailing in the beautiful Bahamas!

Saturday: Return to Nassau by approximately 10:00 AM.

 - We suggest that you schedule your return flight for after 2:00 PM at the earliest.  This will help account for any possible weather delays returning to Nassau and give you time to get to the airport and through secruity.


Getting to the Liberty Clipper in Nassau

Fly to Nassau (NAS) Lynden Pindling International Airport, served by most major airlines.
 - We advise that you AVOID Bahamas Air as they have been known to cancel flights at the last minute.
 - Be careful when arranging flights that may have very long layovers.
 - Guests traveling from areas with the potential for winter weather delays are strongly advised to consider flying to Nassau a day or two before Sunday's departure to ensure you do not miss the boat due to canceled or delayed flights.  Recommended hotels are below!

Take a taxi from the airport.
 - Travel time from the airport to Nassau Yacht Haven is approximately 30 minutes, depending on traffic.
 - Total cost will vary, though prepare to pay at least $30-$35. Please plan accordingly.
 - If your driver is unfamiliar with Nassau Yacht Haven, direct them to the POOP DECK RESTAURANT, located in the adjoining building.


Passports & Currency

A valid passport is required to travel to the Bahamas.  The Bahamas does not require VISAs for United States, Canadian, and European travelers.  If you have any questions, pelase refer to the State Department in your country.

Currency in the Bahamas is the Bahamian Dollar, which is fixed at a one to one exchange ratio with the US Dollar.  US Dollars are accepted everywhere in the Bahamas, so travelers from the US do not need to exchange currency in advance.  Be aware that many businesses only accept cash, so plan accordingly.


Recommended Hotels

Below are hotels we recommend if you decide to come in to Nassau a day early or stay a day late.


Things to do in Nassau

There is a lot to see and do in Nassau if you want to extend your trip.  Here are a few brief suggestions that should get you through a day or two:

  • The Cricket Club: A great locals spot for dinner and live music above the Cricket Field - this is a Liberty favorite!
  • The Fish Fry: Visit this collection of over thirty restaurants and bars.  Eat, drink and be merry.  No shoes, no problem! 
  • Atlantis Resort water park and beach.  Take a ride on the water-slide through the shark tank!
  • The Pirate Museum
  • Fort Charlotte
  • SCUBA Diving: If you'd like to SCUBA on your vacation, please contact Bahamas Divers.  They dock at the same marina as Liberty Clipper.